Three Steps to End the Death Penalty

Three simple steps to help end the Death Penalty

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Imagine our state free of the death penalty.  You can help make it happen.
1) Visit the new SB 490 website:  SIGN THE PETITION, stay informed and download the great fact sheets.
2) CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR through FCLCA’s Action Center.
3) SPREAD THE WORD:  Use the links above or “Tell a Friend” below to send this message to your friends and contacts.
Your support makes our work possible.  Please give today.
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Pay Under Protest

A campaign for War Tax resisters — 2011
This year:

  • Take a stand against war taxes.
  • Be counted!

Join the “Pay under Protest” campaign organized by a group of experienced California Quaker war tax resisters.

Our goal this first year is to get at least 200 people to pay under protest.

If you are filing the IRS 1040:

  1. File your IRS 1040 as usual in 2011.
  2. Find the addresses (email or snail mail) of your federal legislators.
  3. By April 15th, 2011, write to your legislators saying that your are paying under protest the portion of your tax bill that goes for war (about half.)

Resources: has addresses and contact info for your legislators.