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Of the Religious Society of Friends

College Park Quarterly Meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting



Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business

9th Day, Twelfth Month, 2018


Present: Don McCormick, co-clerk; Amy Cooke, recording clerk; Dorothy Henderson, Peggy Baldwin, fosten wilson, Kathy McCreery, Chamba Cooke, Stuart Smith, Gordon Starr.


The Meeting opened with silent worship.


Meeting for Business Expectations: The clerk shared his expectations for the Meeting for Business. In Meeting for Business we are building our faith through corporate discernment of God’s will for our Meeting. Please address the clerk or the full Meeting.


Spiritual Query: What is the most profound spiritual experience you have had in a meeting for business? How do you seek the will of the spirit in business meeting?

  • Regarding the will of the spirit in meeting – testing messages through questioning and receiving the “flavor” of spirit – a sense of authority within.
  • Detachment assists discernment – this requires faith that the same spirit that is in me, is in others. Seeing others, not as impediments to my own will, but as assistants in discerning God’s will.
  • When an issue comes to meeting, and the outcome was not foreseen by anyone in the meeting – an entire separate solution can arise through the corporate experience.
  • A Friend spoke to bringing dearly held ideas to Meeting for Business, and experiencing a lack of unity. The pain of those experiences at the time is now held in retrospect as a challenge to personally holding onto opinions, and seeking understanding. We seek who we are together. That is good, but it can be hard.
  • Another Friend shared an experience of speaking in Meeting for Business when speaking does not bring the unity that others are longing for – being faithful is challenging.
  • When clerking, you are required to set your ego aside – can we do that when we are not clerking?



  1. The Fall Clerks’ Meeting has been carried over from the October Meeting for Business.

We will not be carrying over the Fall Clerk’s Meeting item into further meetings.

The clerk’s meeting will be held for the purpose of convening Naming Committee in the late winter or early spring. Ministry and Oversight will notify the committee clerks when that meeting is scheduled.

Committees Clerks (or conveners):


  • Buildings and Grounds: Gordon Starr
  • Finance: Don Kewman
  • Hospitality: Judy Hamilton
  • Library: Dianne Marshall
  • M&O: Kathy McCreery
  • Outreach: Gordon Starr
  • Spiritual Life: Gordon Starr
  • Peace & Social Justice: Dean Olson
  • Intergenerational Ed: No Clerk






Woolman at Sierra Friends Center: Amy Cooke gave the report, appended.

Placer County Worship Group: Stuart Smith gave the report. They are still looking for welcome packet content to give new seekers, including info-graphics or graphics. They will be seeking to found a mid-week worship group for an easier entry.


SEASONED MINUTES (These are items that have been presented to Meeting for Business previously and have been held over for discernment before approval.)




MINISTRY & OVERSIGHT – Kathy McCreery gave the report, which is appended in full.

Nominating Committee is experiencing difficulty filling the Intergenerational Education committee. There were voices that encouraged the Nominating Committee to work further with this issue, and there was faith expressed in the deep spiritual work of nominating people to take up the work of Meeting.


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS – Gordon Starr brought up the issue of leaks in the meetinghouse roof. The roof has leaked for several winters now, and the issue has not been resolved. There is $700 in the current budget for building maintenance.   The committee proposes taking $500 of that and getting estimates on the repair work.   They will then make a proposal for the sharing the cost of the work with Sierra Friends Center.


We acknowledged that we need more clarity on how costs for the building are shared with Sierra Friends Center.



  • Del Reynolds’ Memorial. See appended invitation. The family is asking for RSVPs. Saturday, December 29, 2018, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Linden Lea Ranch, 14328 Barr Ranch Road, Nevada City, CA

Please bring potluck finger food to share. Please RSVP by Friday, December 21, 2018 to: Anna Reynolds or Bill Trabucco, Email: (Anna) or (Bill) Phone: (530) 273-4252 (please use only if email not available).


  • Earth Justice Ministries Demonstration: Monday, 12/10/2018, 3-4:30 pm, on the bridge across Hwy 49, Broad Street, Nevada City. The demonstration will call for support for asylum-seeking migrants at the US/Mexico border and for advocating for immigration rights. The primary sponsor is the AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) who is sponsoring Love Knows No Borders. There will be hundreds of demonstrations on the same day.


The idea was brought up that we need a threshing session in Meeting about immigration rights. It was suggested that Peace and Social Justice could organize this on behalf of the Meeting.


  • Grass Valley Friends Meeting Christmas Party: Sunday, December 16th after Meeting. Doug and Dorothy’s home, Woolman Lane. Bring a potluck dish and a picture of yourself as a teenager.



  • Our clerk remarked that going to Pendle Hill for the first time for the clerking workshop with Arthur Larrabee was a real joy. A process when Friends in Residence depart, in which they are sung to, was especially moving.
  • A Friend spoke to participating on an FGC committee under the Spiritual Deepening Committee. The work is focused on welcoming others –especially under-represented folks – into our meetings. Would the Meeting like to take part in this work of welcoming others to our Meeting? Would we like to join in the committee’s work in fostering this effort in other meetings? It was noted that it has been difficult for Outreach Committee to meet.
  • A Friend spoke to being concerned about our committees. They do not appear to be meeting. Does that mean that they are longer needed? Do we have too many? Should we reexamine our structure? Are we serving our meeting by having so many committees? It was noted that individuals step forward – it is the people, not the committees, which do that work. This harks back to the M&O report.
  • Our clerk noted that providing definitions of jargon words can help others feel welcomed.
  • Another Friend noted that we do things according to process so that when we reach a difficult place we have that structure. It doesn’t matter until it matters!


SEASONING MINUTES (These are items that have been presented to this Meeting for Business and are being held over for future discernment before approval. They will appear on the next month’s agenda under Seasoned Minutes.)


There were no minutes proposed for seasoning in this Meeting for Business.



  • Buildings & Grounds: Gordon, on behalf of the committee, will be seeking a bid on roof repairs.
  • SFC/M&O/Buildings and Grounds: Will look at how we share building maintenance with SFC.
  • Peace and Social Justice: Peggy will approach the committee with the concern on immigration issues reflected by the conflicts at the US/Mexico border. Another concern was raised regarding the intensification of immigration issues as the result of worsening climate change. How should we approach these issues as a meeting?
  • Outreach:   Gordon will convene the committee. They will look at participation in the FGC welcoming efforts to welcome people into our meeting.
  • Ministry & Oversight:
    1. Schedule a Clerk’s Meeting/Naming Committee for late winter/early spring.
    2. Examine our committee structure through possibly scheduling a threshing session.




The Clerk asked for feedback on the Meeting for Business. What went well? What could be done better?


  • The reflection on our process was valuable. The advance agenda, the queries, the organization of the Meeting for Business – really worked.
  • Friends spoke of the printing on the whiteboard with admiration.
  • The tone being set was valuable and appreciated. The thoughtfulness and care with which the clerk is approaching his role has a flavor of “taking us under your wing,” which is touching and meaningful.
  • When things arise in the meeting but do not land anywhere – what do we do? A discussion of the Action Items ensued.
  • This discussion highlights that there is an expectation that the clerk will make sure that things that are brought up land with a defined structure of future process and actions. The clerk asked for help in ensuring that items are clarified for delegation to the appropriate person or committee.




Note:  The record and the minutes were read, corrected and approved.


If you are giving a report to GVFM, please send the actual report to the recording clerk at THE FRIDAY BEFORE MEETING FOR BUSINESS.     


GVFM Newsletter Reminder: Please have items in to Diane Marshall by Tuesday at 10 am.

The Meeting closed with silent worship.

Respectfully recorded by Amy Cooke, recording clerk.

APPENDICES: (posted on the website,

  1. Ministry and Oversight Report
  2. Woolman at Sierra Friends Center Report
  3. Del Reynold’s Memorial Celebration Invitation

M&O Report to December Meeting for Business of the Grass Valley Friends Meeting

Clutter in the Meetinghouse – In an effort to remove visual disruptions from the Meeting for Worship, M&O has moved and removed some items from the visual space of Worship (the walls). This is an ongoing process for our community.

Children’s Program

  • 3rd Sundays will be covered by Chamba C. and Doug H.
  • GenB and KMc will be covering 4th Sundays. KMc reports that Nominating is not planning on dealing with the vacancy on Intergenerational Ed.
  • Nominating Committee has said they had a hard time filling out the committee as a part of last years slate, and are feeling doubtful at any prospect of filling that committee now, mid-year.

Newsletter List – M&O ia helping to reduce the number of paper copies of the newsletter, to reduce environmental impact, waste, and costs (postage and printing). We are contacting all remaining paper recipients to see if they need the paper copy or whether they are in a position to move towards the electronic version.

Faith and Practice Revisions

We are sending feedback on the revisions to Faith and Practice to the committee that is working with them. We had a well-attended listening session during November and have collected the feedback and are passing it, and some other individual reflections, to the committee that is working on the revisions. We did not send any feedback that expressed the sense of the meeting, but more so individual reflections.

Del Reynolds Memorial – The Memorial is being held on Saturday December 29th at 1pm. GVFM are asked to bring finger foods to share.


Woolman at Sierra Friends Center, December 2018

Woolman Rising Strategic Plan goals: A conservation easement on the land, a $2.5 M capital campaign, a possible Quaker Cohousing project, an outdoor school, and the Jorgensen School for Nonviolence are all proposals that are designed to lead Woolman to a place on stable sustainability.


  • AmeriCorps team: They have left to work on Camp Fire relief.
  • Camp Fire support: We have one evacuee here at SFC.
  • New Farmers: Catalyst Compost, LLC, has rented the Woolman Farm. They are protégés of Dr. Elaine Ingham, who has pioneered work with soil health.


You are invited to a memorial celebration of the life of Delbert Reynolds

Date: Saturday, December 29, 2018   Time: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Place: Linden Lea Ranch, 14328 Barr Ranch Road, Nevada City, CA (directions will be sent upon RSVP)

Please bring potluck finger food to share. We will have a reading of the eulogy, followed by a Quaker-style quiet reflection time, after which family members will speak, and then attendees are encouraged to share their memories of Del. This will be followed by a period of music and finishing with the shared finger food potluck.

Please RSVP by Friday, December 21, 2018 to: Anna Reynolds or Bill Trabucco

Email: edifyart(at) (Anna) and/or billtrabucco(at) (Bill)

Phone: (530) 273-XXXX (please use only if email not available) CONTACT AMY COOKE FOR PHONE NUMBER – WITHHELD ON THE WEBSITE FOR PRIVACY REASONS

We look forward to sharing this special time with you and remembering our remarkable Dad.

Thank you,

Paul Reynolds

Ellen and Brian Bisnett

Sara and Jack Kimmich

Martha and Jon Steuer

Anna Reynolds and Bill Trabucco






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