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 March, 2019 Reports:

APPENDICES: (posted on the website,

  1. Pacific Yearly Meeting Call to Annual Session and Rep Com
  2. Finance/Treasurer Report
  3. Ministry and Oversight Report
  4. Buildings and Grounds 

Pacific Yearly Meeting Report

Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Representative Committee (RepCom) Meeting was Friday, March 1 to Sunday March 3 at LaJolla MM in LaJolla California.  This was a gathering of all Monthly Meeting Representatives and PYM committee clerks, officers and the teens.  Committees report to the body about their work since Annual Session as well as beginning the preparation for Annual Session.  The teens utilized this weekend to meet with each other and their adult committee members to begin to plan their activities at Annual Session.

Dorothy Henderson eldered for Sandy Kewman, as clerk, this fall.  She is serving on an Eldering Subcommittee of PYM’s M&O which met in retreat the previous weekend.  Dorothy traveled with Sandy to LaJolla for Rep Com.  Sandy says, “I am very grateful for her faithfulness and work in this area.”


Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California

Friday, July 12 to Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dwelling in Truth and Trusting Divine Spirit

From Sandy: This Annual Session David Johnson, a seasoned Friend from Australia Yearly Meeting and author, will be our keynote speaker.  He will speak of the many ways the Spirit of God, known to us as the Light of Christ, moves and works within us, based on his experience as well as the experiences of early Friends.  Christ is working to enable us to Dwell in Truth.

David Johnson gave the end of the year retreat 2017 at Ben Lomond Quaker Center. I attended that retreat and found it spoke to what I believe Friends in PYM are yearning to hear, along with many others there. David is the author of A Quaker Prayer Life and Jesus, Christ and Servant of God. He will be speaking on Saturday, July 13th.

Please begin to plan now to attend Annual Session, even if it is for a day. Begin to think about funding now. The persons in our meeting to ask for funding are Don Kewman or fosten wilson. Procuring funding from GVFM needs to happen before asking PYM for funding. While registration for Annual Session will not begin until May, I wanted to pass this information along now for all can begin to plan and save the dates.

In love,


Finance/Treasurer Report

Action item: Request approval of accepting a $211 donation by a Meeting Member that involved the purchase of a rice-cooker for the Meeting to use at Hospitality House to replace a borrowed rice-cooker that was returned to the owner.


GVFM Ministry and Oversight Report to Meeting for Business March 2019

  • Ministry and Oversight is preparing a proposal to the Business Meeting on restructuring our

Meeting’s committees, and the work therein. We are still discerning this proposal, but the work is


  • State of the Meeting Report (separately submitted)



Meeting House roof leak – After many attempts to find a Roofing contractor to look at the roof leaks, Amy has informed has informed us that , since the leak has caused considerable interior damage, SFC will be filing an insurance claim to cover the leak and damage. An adjuster will be sent to look at the situation.

GVFM Signs at Jones Bar and Campus – The committee has met and agree on signs that will be placed at Jones Bar Rd., on the workshop wall facing the road on campus and at the divide to the parking lot and handicap parking in front of the Meeting House. An approximate sample of the Jones Bar sign will be brought to Meeting for Business. The signs will match the color and style of the main SFC sign on the workshop wall. Amy has asked that we get agreement with Sierra Streams for the proposed arrangement of signs at Jones Bar.



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