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Current Reports:  April 2018

APPENDICES: (posted on the website,

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Ministry & Oversight Report
  3. College Park Quarterly Meeting Announcement
  4. Nominating Slate
  5. Woolman at Sierra Friends Center Report
  6. State of the Meeting Report
  7. Peace Resolution Letter


Grass Valley Friends Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

4 -12 -2018


summary = medium ok, could be better . . .


THANK YOU for your contributions. After a strong December & January, financial

contributions faded in February & March. We did pay both our PYM & CPQM dues in full. But

we are late in paying our outbound donations to American Friends Service Committee, Friends

Committee on Legislation, etc.


The Fund Balances Report shows a “snapshot” of our bank account on 3-31-2018. It also

shows the individual funds that made up that total. The PYM etc. Scholarship Fund is active.


The other Restricted Funds are unchanged. Most of our financial activity has been within the

General Fund, shown on line one. The details about the General Fund are on the reverse side,

in our General Fund — Actual vs Budget report.


Within our General Fund, from October thru March, we spent $7,850 (see Total Expense line

near bottom) & we received $7,047 in contributions (line 400 at top). The spending exceeds

our income by $803 because I paid the annual PYM dues in full. Our donation to Sierra

Friends Center was paid in December. Now our remaining budgeted outbound donations will

wait for further financial contributions.


Thank you all for your help.

Fosten Wilson


Grass Valley Friends Meeting



Ministry and Oversight – Report to Meeting for Business – April 2018


  • The Naming/Clerks Committee returns the following names for approval, to serve on the Nominating Committee from 7/1/18 through 6/30/21: Karen Olson, Doug Hamm


  • Mountain Stream Meditation group will be renting the facilities in late May and early June. They will use the Meeting House on Sunday June 3rd. Sierra Friends Center has offered the Dining Hall for our worship that morning. We are accepting this proposal.


  • Local Peace Resolution Letter – see attached – Friends are welcome to pursue this on their own, but can we generate unity with the spirit of this letter and create a corporate body addition to this effort?
    • Would we add “Whereas we are called by God to honor and cherish that of God in every person and called by God to be good stewards of our earth, we object and are not willing to be a part of hatred or hurt, or of funding hatred or hurt upon another person or on this earth”


  • State of the Meeting Report (see attached) brought for 1st reading, seasoning for approval in May.



  • Sharon Stewart memorial will be held Saturday April 21st, 1pm at Grass Valley Friends Meeting. Kathy McCreery and Peg Baldwin are coordinating, Dean Olson clerking.


  • Meg Palley’s memorial will be held Sunday April 22nd and 12:30pm at GVFM. We are in contact with local family to make appropriate arrangements.


  • Sylvia Osmond is currently living at Atria Grass Valley – near the corner of Dorsey and Sutton. She would like to attend meeting, but needs a ride. Can Friends provide?


  • Ministry and Oversight continues to reflect on the state of meeting for worship and we will come to the May Meeting for Business with some of these reflections/reminders




2018 Spring College Park Quarterly Meeting: Quaker Revival: What is the way? What is in the way?


May 18 -20, 2018

Ben Lomond Quaker Center

1000 Hubbard Gulch Road

Ben Lomond, CA 95005


At the March CPQM Ministry and Oversight Committee meeting we sat in worship and then reflected on the query ‘What are my hopes for our Quarterly community?’

“From that sharing, we were reminded of the contending pulls of our lives—the busyness that makes nominations difficult, the draw to march or to worship at winter quarter… Can we see these burdens as opportunities somehow—to find God’s motions in our active lives, while still paring down what is not in service to our deeper motions? Our calls to be more engaged in meetings sometimes stretches us beyond spiritual health, yet the meetings are in need of our involvement…” Jim Anderson’s minutes.


Coming together for Quarterly Meeting is a way to revitalize our faithfulness to God, Divine Spirit, to love.   It is a way to learn more about and strengthen our spiritual disciplines. What are we longing for in our spiritual lives, in our gathering? Do we seek deepening in God’s presence in our ‘well of hope’ in these troubled times? We hope you will join us.

-Sandy Kewman, Clerk


Teen program and Children’s program


Registration online only.   When registration is up online at you will get an email.


These are the fees :

Option A: A bed for Friday and Saturday nights in Orchard/Redwood Lodge, 6 meals and program fee. (Priority for Orchard Lodge given to those with limited mobility)

$159.00 for age 25 and older

$ 65.00 for under age 25


Option B: Camping for Fri and Sat nights, 6 meals and program fee

$129.00 for age 25 and older

$ 49.00 for under 25


Option C: Day use – Sat lunch, Sat dinner, Sun lunch and program fee (No housing)

$68.00 for age 25 and older

$23.00 for under age 25


Option D: Program fee only for Sat and /or Sun, No housing or meals included

$29.00 for age 25 and older

$5.00 for under age 25


Please note: Cancelations after May 14 will incur a charge for meals, CPQM pays for meals when you cancel that late. We give a count to the cook a week ahead of time. Meals are $13.00 each for age 25 and older & $ 6.00 each for under age 25


Parents of children and teens please fill out the Medical consent and Permission forms available at this link:




Committee Nominee Term or Last Year


Confirmed Status
Gordon Starr 1 Year Yes
Reed Hamilton 1 year Yes
Pat Phillips 1 year Yes
Doug Hamm 1 year Yes
Mary Starr 2019 Cont.
Reed Hamilton 2019 Cont.
Don Kewman 2018 Yes
Fosten Wilson-Treasurer Ex-officio Cont.
Judy Hamilton 1 year Yes
Beth Kemplin 1 year Yes
Joanna Mlodzinska 1 year Yes
Karen Olson 1 year Yes
Christie Munson 1 year Yes
Diane Marshall, librarian ex officio Ex officio Yes
Shera Banbury 1year Yes
Elissa Preston 1 Year Yes
Kathy McCreery 2019 Yes
Genevieve Buckley 2020 Yes
Gordon Bishop 2020 Yes
Peggy Baldwin 2019 Yes
Mary Starr 2020 Yes
Gordon Starr 1 Year Yes
Gordon Bishop 1 Year Yes
Sharon Davisson 1 Year Yes
Hilary Ellis-Lavigne 1 Year Yes
Ted Smith 1 Year Yes
Gordon Starr 1 year Yes
Peggy Baldwin 1 Year Yes
Sandy Kewman 1 Year Yes
Don McCormick 1 Year Yes
Dave Kemplin 1 Year yes
Karen Olson-Resource 1 Year Yes
Judy Hamilton 1 Year Yes
Ben Preston 1 Year Yes
Peace and Social Justice
Dean Olson 1 Year
Karen Olson 1 Year
Beth Kemplin 1 Year
  Reed Hamilton 1Year
Pat Phillips 1 Year
Dave Barnett 1 Year



Officers Nominee Term or Last Year Confirmed
Co-Clerks Don and Anita McCormick 1 Year Yes
Communications Co-ord. Pat Phillips 1 Year Yes
Directory Coordinator Sandy Kewman 1 Year Yes
Hospitality House Beth Kemplin 1 year Yes
Hospitality House Sharon Davisson 1 year Yes
Librarian Dianne Marshall 1 year Yes
Mail Clerk Dean Olson 1 year Yes
Newsletter Editors Anita& Don McCormick

Diane Marshall

1 year

1 year



Newsletter Distribution Charity Bryson 1 year Yes
Newsletter Reader Charity Bryson 1year Yes
Placer Co. Worship Group Stuart Smith Yes
Recorder Pat Phillips 1 year Yes
Recording Clerk Amy Cooke 1 year Yes
Treasurer Fosten Wilson 1 year Yes
Website Maintenance Amy Cooke 1 year Yes



Representatives Nominee Contact Person Confirmed
College Park Quarterly Sandy Kewman Yes
FASE Anita McCormick Yes
FCL.CA Amanda Wilcox Yes
FCNL Sharon Davisson Yes
FGC Liaison Don Kewman Yes
PYM Observer
PYM Sandy Kewman Yes
Quaker Center Hillary Ellis-Lavigne yes
QUNP Shera Banbury Yes
Right Sharing of World Res. KariAnn Salyer Yes
Sierra Friends Center
Interfaith Nevada County Dianne Marshall Yes






An update from Woolman at Sierra Friends Center 

Amy Cooke, Director


The Alumni Work Camp took place March 24- 31, with John Woolman School alumni spanning 1967 to 2001 converging to provide much needed care to campus.  Under the guidance of Paul Schneider ‘78, the West Side Bath House was renovated with new shower units, and Elizabeth Pittman and Meghan Garn (Class of ‘01) with Brian Moore ‘78, completed laying floors in four cabins!  Other projects included sewing curtains for the cabins (thank you, Emily, for leading that effort!), archiving photos, removing and shredding 200 pounds of old documents, eliminating bamboo, and replacing electrical panels.  Then an AmeriCorps team further blessed us, following on the heels of the Alumni Work Camp and working on the cabin floors and bathhouse shower areas.  These projects are ongoing – please let Amy know if you can help.


We hosted Paula Palmer on April 7 for Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change, which took place with local Nisenan tribal leader, Shelly Covert.  Then, later in this month, we will be bringing back the Salmon Run after a full ten year hiatus!!  We are enormously grateful to staff member Laura Carroll for reinvigorating this 10K run that winds down to the Yuba River and then back to campus.  There is definitely still time to register for these events – just go to


We are gearing up to welcome the North Oakland Community Charter School in May for another piloted program of the Woolman Outdoor School with the Sierra Streams Institute.  Family Work Camp will be June 17-23, and then we anticipate another full summer of Camp Woolman and Teen Leadership Camp.


We are so grateful to all those who have donated to our campership fund thus far.

Camp Woolman creates a genuine space for children to find their voice and be totally themselves. We know what a difference it makes to have campers from diverse backgrounds join together at camp. Seeing children from different backgrounds living, learning, and playing together at camp is inspiring and reason enough for us to know how deeply important it is for Camp Woolman to truly be for everyone. It is not too late to donate and give the gift of camp to a child this summer. You can change a child’s summer, and maybe even life.


We are grateful to be exploring a new partnership with our new neighbors The Sierra Streams Institute ( and how the two organizations can support each other.  You are cordially invited to attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Saturday, May 12 at 10 am to celebrate the completion of Madrone Hall as the new home for Sierra Streams.





State of the Meeting

Grass Valley Friends Meeting

April 2018


In hosting a listening session to find out what members and attenders have experienced in the life of our Meeting, one commented to the shift, “a transition from activist to contemplative Meeting.” Individuals in Meeting are involved in a wide variety of things within our community, but corporately, the only involvement we have is once a month helping to prepare and serve a meal at Hospitality House.


We are aware of our membership becoming older and declining in numbers where each year Nominating has increasing difficulty in finding members and attenders to serve on a committee or be a representative.


Though we experience this past year as diminished involvement with the wider community, including PYM, Quarterly and national Quaker programs, participants in our listening session lifted up a host of events and activities that happened this past year that kindled fire and struck light in our midst.


Before Meeting for Worship, we offer opportunity to gather and sing which prompted comments like: “Music keeps me coming.” “It’s my spiritual practice.” “It prepares the Meeting House and us for worship.” And the poignant comment concerning a monthly home worship experience, where we have time to sing before we move into silent worship. The elderly wife was laying on the couch sleeping. One of the participants commented afterwards, “Though she was asleep, she was singing with us!”


One of the big surprises for us this past year, in the midst of our awareness of becoming older and smaller as a Meeting, is the influx of young families and their children. (I know that sounds ironical, how can it be both ways?!) We offer an Intergenerational Program during Meeting for Worship, where children are encouraged to be present for the first ten minutes then invited to exit and have their own activity oriented program. These five new families don’t come every week, but several often overlap and make for a lively group before they head out for their program and at the close meeting, when they come back to share. Together with our active young families, it sometimes makes for a group of over 12 children.


When we get very positive response and appreciation for a program, we know that what we are doing is on the mark. Like an attender who is blind sharing his appreciation for “accommodating me in Meeting For Worship.” And the comments related to our small group book discussion group, “it enriches our meeting and personal connections”, and the ongoing weekly bible study group, “how inspiring it is” and “it’s acting on the spirit.”


Larger events also strike a cord in our community, like the the annual weekend retreat, which requires a big commitment. And our new monthly potlucks, hosted by a different family each month, to which someone commented “it’s great for visiting and has no agenda.”


And all the acts of ministry that operate outside the Meeting radar, held as confidential, where we get personal responses like “we appreciate all the support we have received this past year.”


The most active committee this past year has been Spiritual Life, offering monthly programs and the Annual Retreat.


Meeting for Worship the listening group felt is enriching. We’ve had more people this past year who stand and share out of what they are struggling with, sharing out of their vulnerability and demonstrating their trust in us to honor and respect what they are saying. For some of us, it’s expanded our sense of what is viable and meaningful to bring up in worship.


And, if we put our finger on what is happening, it’s the personal nature of all these interactions, what is incarnated, comes alive into the light of day. Two examples: when there were forest fires in the area, the parents of two of our Intergeneratonal students thought not to come to meeting because of the smoke, but their children insisted that they had to go as they had things to do in the Intergenerational Program! Recently, one of these children visited one of the families that moved on campus and when he went in, saw a cabinet door the was off its hinges. He whipped out a screw driver and said “I can fix that!” And he did.


And this past year in a poignant interchange between children after reading a story on Martin Luther King, one of the children expressed confusion on how people could be so nasty to others. And another piped up “all people are valuable! God is in all of us!” And a little girl commented “I know there is a God because she talks to me every day and I talk to her!” And their teacher responded “Me too!”


And the word becomes flesh and dwells among us, often coming from unexpected places and in surprising ways.


Dean Olson, Clerk

————————————————————————————————————————————–Local Peace Budget Resolution  from David Swanson of World Beyond




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